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Indigi Core

Chey Suwâtâgâ-Mû
Visual Artwork and Tattoo

"She paints the morning sky with the rays of the sun, and drips her paint unto the alerted earth. The mountain's stands against the wind, but grew weak to the sight of her light. And with the tip of her brush, she paints the mountains pink."

Truck Gallery   Gallerie Cite/Works Festival    Rockies Repeat   51 Degrees North    CBC (Rockies Repeat)      Pandemic PSA 

Making Treaty 7   Bubble Bath Buffet   Instagram  Rocky Mountain Outlook Today  (twice)  Shaw Pride Mural

Work in progress



A brief video of Cheyenne in action.

Any questions regarding her Artwork or Tattoos, please feel free to reach out: or @thunderhorse_arts

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