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Amanda Foote - Events & Bookings

afoote@live.caTel: 403-805-0056


I'm Soloman Chiniquay, and I'm a Vancouver based photographer/videographer. I specialize in portrait photography and video production. I'm a graduate of Van Arts School for Photography, and I work in film.
Sol can be reached for booking enquiries at


I'm Jarret Twoyoungmen and I'm one of the founding members of the AV Club. I am an award winning director, and I am a mentor to the AV Club current members. Recently I have participated in E20 for emerging directors, and the NSI program for Indigenous directors.


I can be reached at

Âba Wathtech, my name is Amber "Freya" Koskanum. I am a director for the AV Club, and I have made a few of my own short films, my debut was a short horror called "Crush". I am Mînîthnî's first female film director. I completed the Quickdraw Animation Society Youth Program, and I have presented our AV Club films at the Sioux Language Summit. I am interested in directing, animating, drawing, voice acting, beading, and arts administration. You can contact me through Amanda.

Hi! I'm Aiden "Akio" Powderface, and I am usually the most useful person on any set. I can handle lighting, sound, cameras, and I'll do anything that needs to be done. I'm passionate about animals, and I am the lead for the AV Club's doc about Rez dogs. I'm also a car guy, so I love working on projects with vehicles. Please contact me through Amanda & click my photo to see my portfolio.

Hey, I'm Elias Wesley, and I mostly like to make things look crazy. I help with effects and props, and when I'm not doing those things, I'm a pretty hardcore zombie/actor. I directed my own first film in 2022, which was funded by Yellowstone to Yukon. You can view it by clicking my photo. 

Hello! I'm Kelsey "Coy" Twoyoungmen, and I am the AV Club's costume specialist. My passion is cos-play, and I take pride in designing outfits to match a specific character's personality and style. It's my dream to go to ACAD some day. I also love animation and drawing. You may have seen my Indigenous sailor moon drawing on tiktok.  You can get in touch with me though Amanda.

I'm Kes Lefthand. I do 3D modelling, 2D and 3D animation, I compose music, create sound effects as well as do voices for projects. I do my best to create stories and the characters along with it. My line of work is through art and I love what I do.


Contact me through

I'm Doug.
I'm good at a lot of technical things, basically I keep this Club connected. I'm also really passionate about photography, and I'm interested in the history of my people, Nakoda and Navajo. Check out my photos on instagram at Douglas Yazzie. I'm a gamer, and I stream  as ArtofSaturn. Connect with me on twitch by clicking my photo. 


My name is Jace, 
My hope is to be an actor, or to work in the theatre or film industry. I've worked with horses all my life. I've been a Super for Calgary Opera, and done some background acting too. I am a student at BVC and I participated in a playwriting circle at Making Treaty 7  I'm bold and I'm not afraid to try new things. 


Nikki Clark is a Nakoda writer, public speaker, and "momager" for  the Mini Thni Dancers, a contemporary pow wow and traditional dance group. Nikki produces events, including the Nakoda component of Light Up Cochrane. She has written several short stories and a novel. Contact the Mini Thni Dancers on Facebook to book them for your event! 

Chey Suwâtâgâ-Mû is an emerging visual artist and traditional tattoo practitioner. She is self taught in painting and other visual art forms, and was traditionally instructed in tattoo, and regalia making. She has completed projects for Truck Gallery in Calgary, the Whyte Museum in Banff, Parks Canada, and Gallery Cité in Edmonton. Click her photo to access her portfolio page. 

Screen Shot 2022-02-28 at 4.35_edited.jpg

Miranda Chiniquay is a momma and a passionate young woman who cares deeply about Nakoda culture and history. She enjoys studying her culture, reading, and spending time with loved ones. Miranda hopes to pursue a post-secondary degree (and has a good start with one year of University done) and become a historian or something that lets her work with her culture and community.


Tashina Ear is is a very passionate worker who has a steady source of motivation that drives her to do her best by taking on challenges on the daily. Tashina has a genuine belief to give back to the community by supporting Nakoda A/V club through assistant camera operating, photography, sound and trainee work and has volunteered with Nakoda A/V club. She helps assure the youth have something to strive toward and achieve their goals in photography/animation work and she became a member of the club years ago.


Hi my name is Willard Lefthand. I am an artist who like to animate, sketch, create comics and illustrations. My hobbies are drawing, jogging, and hanging out with friends and family. My main goal in life is to create animations and comics for people to enjoy because story telling is my favorite thing to do, this way I feel I could share my experiences in life with others and create a real connection. Please get in touch!



I publish a comic on webtoon! 


Amanda Foote is our Administrative Assistant, and helps us with planning and paperwork. Amanda is a settler person & we want to be transparent about Amanda's role with us. Amanda schedules our screenings, events, and bookings, because we're all super busy making our art!  Amanda is Jarret's partner, and this photo was taken by Sol.


Yearly Counts...

If you want to learn more about us you can also have a look at our yearly counts (sort of like an annual report). We put these together as a summary of our accomplishments throughout the year. We do all this work with project funding, and our own labor and creativity. 

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